While their name naturally polarises, their live show entertained. Autotuned vocals strung alongside sparse trap beats and decked head-to-toe in all white apparel, there were more than a few were shades of Yung Lean in their sound and look.
Jake Applebee – Crack Magazine


Perhaps they are a super group of established artists – far from uncommon in Iceland – or perhaps they are just shy. Either way, their smooth, autotuned R&B grabbed people’s attention this year and a flurry of shows in Reykjavik ensued, including a much-praised set at the recent Airwaves Festival.
Adam Cardew – The Line Of Best Fit


The unfortunately-named Vaginaboys deliver far more than their moniker suggests, something like a hip-hop Nicolas Winding Refn soundtrack, sonically louche and vibrantly neon.
Karl Smith – The Quietus


What makes Vaginaboys seem so fresh is their amazing aesthetic sense: it’s clear that everything they do is painstakingly thought-out, calibrated and unveiled accordingly. Nonchalance is so 2000s.
Cameron Cook – Grapevine

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Vaginaboys by Hörður Sveinsson