New Album out: October 2017

Vaginaboys’ second album ‘Greatest Tits’ is out now. Check it out on all the major music services. You can buy a lossless digital copy at CDBABY. Click the image to stream it with Spotify.

The Buzz

Few Icelandic bands have created such a buzz in such a short time as the elusive Vaginaboys with their icy beats, complying with their soothing vocals performed through a mysterious vocoder. Their performance and the mysteriousness of their masks create quite an arousing musical aroma the sexual beats by this mysterious duo flow nicely with the lyrics, which touch up-on the broken hearts left on the floors up the Icelandic clubs at 4:15 in the morning. Or even the morning after

Vaginaboys held their first concert in the largest opera hall in Iceland, the world renowned Harpa Concert and Music Hall in their second year active as a band

The Music & Apparel

Vaginaboys make experimental electronic romance music for people who’ve ever been in love, either it being fruitful or not so. They publish their music through all the major streaming services. Catch tem on Spotify or Youtube. They also do an exclusive amount of handmade Icelandic design clothing. Please feel free to visit the online store and make your statement.